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Cars from South Korea are highly demanded all over the world, including Ukraine. This is because Korean cars have factory gas-fired plants or diesel. If you buy a model with an installed gas-pressurized feed system, you can save money, because you do not have to install the plant in Ukraine. The cost of cars is up to 30% less than a similar model on the Ukrainian market. Unlike American auctions in the Korean market sold unbroken cars. Detailed information is available for each transport. In Korea, you can order a car of famous brands as Hyundai, Kia, Daewoo, etc. We will help you to bring the car over from Korea to Ukraine in a short time and on beneficial terms. Our specialists provide the turnkey services, which include the purchase, delivery and customs clearance of the car. The average delivery time by sea is 40-45 days. Besides, you can purchase a car from South Korea independently and the employees of the company will transport it.

What should we pay attention to when buying a car from South Korea?

If you decide to buy a car from Korea independently, there are a number of nuances to consider. According to statistics, most of the purchases in the secondary market are made through third parties. That is, the transport is sold not by the owner himself, but by a specialized company. Outwardly, from the photo and the description of the lot, everything may be perfect, but you will be given a badly broken and poorly restored vehicle. At the same time, it is not possible to define the technical state of the motor, undercarriage, gearbox and interior. Resellers often try to hide the mileage of the car. In order not to be mistaken with the purchase of a second-hand car, it is better to use the help of our specialists who will carry out a high-quality multi-level check of the car before the purchase.

Our specialists carry out the processes:

Selection and fulfillment of a quality check of the car history.
Car purchase suitable by all characteristics.
Development an economically viable delivery route.
Examination of the car before loading.
We will place the car in a container, fix it according to the current regulations.
We will provide forwarding at the port and have the ability to track the car.
We will control the delivery and unloading of the car.
We will prepare all the necessary documentation and get customs clearance.  We will help in certifying the car and register it.

The specialists of our company will provide you with qualified assistance at all stages of car purchase.

+38 067 174 10 74

Why should it be us?

More than 10 years on the transport services market.
Silver Leader of the Year 2017 among transport enterprises.
Gold Leader of the Year 2017 among transport enterprises.
Leader of Industry 2019 in the National Business Rating.

How to buy a car from Korea

Seoul Auto Auction or SAA is the largest marketplace in Seoul. Here you will find a wide variety of cars from Korea, which will allow you to order the most suitable model. Another convenient auction is Hyundai-KIA Auto Auction or HKAA. It acts as a bidding auction where lots are detailed. Second-hand vehicles are carefully checked for serviceability and photographed before being put on the market. Our experts organize all the processes for the delivery of a car from Korea on a turnkey basis quickly and safely. At the same time, the price of a car to order will be affordable, and discounts are offered to regular customers.

Car delivery from Korea to Ukraine

Cars on gas or petrol from Korea are delivered on request by a special ferry. In this case, the transport is not loaded into a container, but driven onto a special rolling on-rolling out vessel. Such transportation is more reliable and safe, because the probability of damage to the cargo is practically excluded. Cars are loaded in the port of Incheon, sent to the Greek port of Piraeus, where they are reloaded onto another special ferry, and only after that the cargo is delivered to the Ukrainian port of Chornomorsk. The entire delivery process, including customs clearance of a car from Korea, takes no more than two months. Air freight is also available, but it will be more expensive than ferry transportation.

Benefits of cooperation with Mitridat company

Our specialists provide a full range of transportation services – ordering a car, freight transport logistics, insurance, customs clearance, etc. We are the leaders in the transportation industry, members of FIATA and have more than 12 years of successful work in the transport services market. Besides, we are engaged in insurance of the car for delivery time and recommend to all clients to use this service. If you want to buy a car from Korea or from the USA, leave a request on the website or call +38 (067) 488 50 30. Our professionals will advise you on all questions related to the purchase and delivery of the car from Korea free of charge.

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