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Increasingly, cars purchased at American car auctions are being brought to Ukraine. Even taking into account the costs of delivery and repairs, it will be cheaper for Ukrainian drivers to bring a car over from the USA on a turnkey basis than buying a similar car on the domestic market. Mitridat company will help you to bring over safely, clear customs and register cars from America in Ukraine.

Advantages of the car delivery from the USA to Ukraine

Good quality roads and a high standard of living in the United States allows American consumers to drive their car without bringing it to a critical state, and buy a new car every few years. To get some of the money spent, enterprising Americans sell a used car at an auction. Ukrainian drivers benefit from the car delivery from the USA for the following reasons:

  • large choice of the used cars, including those that are not available on the European and Ukrainian markets;
  • build quality of U.S.-made cars and configuration are better than in Europe;
  • saving up to 60% on buying a car, compared to the Ukrainian market;
  • the ability to check the vehicle history.

In addition to American cars, you can buy Japanese and European cars at the auction. Copart, IAA-Insurance Auto Auctions, Manheim are the most popular auction sites in North America for low-cost vehicles with minimal or serious damage. If you wish, you can buy an undamaged car, but the benefit of such a purchase is often lower than those of a car with minor damage. The Copart auction is the most attractive for potential buyers.

The sites of this company are all over America, so you can buy a car from the USA in the nearest port city and save on delivery across the country. Selling cars at this auction is open to official dealers and owners who are not legally responsible for the validity of the transaction, so there is a risk of buying a car with hidden damage. For this reason, we do not recommend purchasing a car independently. Licensed dealers participate at IAA-Insurance Auto Auctions and Manheim. The auction staff carefully check all cars and provide reliable data and photographs. However, due to the involvement of intermediaries, the price of cars from America will be higher.

How are we working?

Car selection
Our experts will select a car according to your characteristics - make, model, mileage, configuration, budget, etc.
Auto check
Managers will check the car history – number of owners, accidents, etc. with Carfax and Autocheck.
We will take part in the auction and win your a car.
Buying a car
After winning the auction, you need to pay for the car within two days.
Our logistics experts will create a fast and economical route for the car delivery to your city or country
We will help you to register the car in the Ministry of Internal Affairs, get customs clearance of the car.

We will help in organizing the process of delivering a car from the USA to Ukraine, as well as provide preferential tariffs for customs clearance.

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Why should it be us?

More than 10 years on the transport services market.
Silver Leader of the Year 2017 among transport enterprises.
Gold Leader of the Year 2017 among transport enterprises.
Leader of Industry 2019 in the National Business Rating.

How to bring a car over from the USA

After the vehicle has arrived in an American port, you need to charter a ship to deliver a car from the USA to Ukraine on a turnkey basis. Chartering is a maritime term that means the hiring of a vessel for cargo transportation by sea for a set fee. Mitridat company carries out sea container transportation of cars from America from the ports of the USA to the ports of Iuzhnyi, Chornomorsk and Odessa. To do this, you can book a whole container that will cost the car owner more than one seat. The standard container holds four cars. The transportation price depends on the following parameters:

  • the number of seats;
  • the location of the auction and the ports of dispatch and receipt.

To deliver the car from the USA to Ukraine, the most profitable way to transport the car is by groupage (LCL transportation).

Cars customs clearance from the USA

After a car is brought from the United States to Ukraine, it should be cleared and obtained certificate of conformity. The following taxes are paid in customs transit:

  • fee of 10% of the customs value of the car;
  • excise taxes, which depends on the age, characteristics and condition of the car;
  • Pension tax 3-5% of the cost of the car;
  • VAT in the amount of 20% of the assessed value of the car, excise tax and customs duty on the car.

You need to pass certification of the car for compliance with European standards that are in force in our country after customs clearance of the car from the United States. The requirements for the operating conditions and cars safety that are produced for the American market differ from European ones. For example, full vehicle tinting is permitted under the US law. In Ukraine, only rear windows can be tinted. For our roads, the car in the rear needs to be equipped with a red fog lamp with a separate button switch. Also, the differences are in the color of the side lights, direction indicators and the location of the brake lights. The speedometer scale should show the speed in kilometers / hour, not in miles. The price of the certificate of conformity depends on the number of examinations carried out and ranges from 3 to 8 thousand UAH.

Advantages of cooperation with Mitridat company

Due to the professionalism of our employees and the high quality of services, we have repeatedly been awarding by prestigious awards based on the results of the Ukrainian business rating. We will provide assistance at all stages and deliver the purchased car to Kiev or any other city in our country. Our clients receive exclusively checked, reliable cars and save up to 60% on purchases in comparison with prices on the Ukrainian market. In addition, we can quickly deliver a car from South Korea. This will allow you to purchase an excellent, complete Korean car at a bargain price. To order a turnkey car from the USA, please call our managers or fill out the form on the website. We will provide a free consultation and tell you about buying a car from the USA in detail.


The cost of a car consists of several criteria: the price for the car at auction, car insurance (at the request of the client), delivery to the port of Ukraine, registration in the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Our managers will tell you the exact cost of the car after consultation.
Delivery to Ukraine is carried out by sea and therefore the delivery time takes from 30 to 60 days.
Yes, with Mitridat company you can order the service “Turnkey Car from the USA”. It includes: assistance in finding a car, completion of documents, delivery from the USA and car customs clearance.
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