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With the development of international trade relations, freight forwarding services were required for many suppliers. It is not always easy to get through customs or to obtain the necessary documents for pass. Freight forwarding is a process that combines services for cargo delivery from one point of the world to another. Forwarders help the client to prepare all the necessary documents quickly and legally. Experts can choose the most optimal route and track freight along the entire forwarding route. Thanks to the concreted actions of the employees, the client receives the cargo on the most beneficial terms.

Freight forwarding includes the following services:

Advising the client in advance, calculating the transportation cost;
Legal support at all stages;
Selection of a suitable type of container;
Transport forwarding;
Search for the optimal cargo transportation scheme;
Control of warehouse and loading operations, safety of goods, condition of goods and their transportation;
Cargo certification;
Brokerage services;
Port forwarding.
Due to the unstable conditions in Ukraine, it is difficult to get through the customs independently that can lead to fines or delay in transportation.

Documents for registration

For successful cargo forwarding, the following documents are required:
  • Bill of lading
  • Packing
  • Invoice
  • Certificate of origin
  • Contract

About Mitridat company

Fright forwarding company Mitridat carries out cargo transportation in Ukraine, in CIS countries and abroad. The high quality of the service is due to the company’s 12 years of experience and qualified staff. Our advantages:
  1. We provide free preliminary consultations.
  2. We prepare all the necessary documents for the cargo delivery.
  3. We organize cargo transportation of different degree of complexity.
  4. We charter the ships.
  5. We deliver cargo to the largest ports in the world quickly and safely.
  6. ОWe provide warehouse logistics services.
  7. We provide high guarantees of cargo safety at all stages of delivery and carry out cargo insurance (at the request of the client).
  8. We have our own vehicle fleet.
The quality, speed and security of the cargo are confirmed by numerous positive customer reviews of Mitridat company. Our employees process documents (bill of lading, invoice, packing, certificate of origin and contract) quickly, professionally and efficiently, as well as help with legal support at all stages of forwarding. The company guarantees the resolution of all disputes arising. With the help of our specialists the client will avoid administrative violations, risks of receiving fines and delays in the cargo delivery. It also saves time, nerves and money.

How to order a freight forwarding service?

For more information, contact our managers by contact phone numbers or fill out an application on the website.
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