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How does Mitridat company work?

We receive a request for cargo transportation from a client, provide free consultation on all question of interest and calculate the cost of delivery.
We agree on all the details with the customer and conclude an agreement.
We deliver a container with cargo to the port of departure using our own fleet.
We complete all documents and conduct cargo customs clearance.
We loading the container on board the vessel.
We deliver the goods to the port of receipt.
We carry out intra-port freight forwarding.
We carry out customs clearance and cargo delivery to the recipient by road or railway transport.

Mitridat company is a professional in its field!

Why should it be us?

More than 10 years on the transport services market
Silver Leader of the Year 2017 among transport enterprises
Gold Leader of the Year 2017 among transport enterprises
Leader of Industry 2019 in the National Business Rating
Mitridat company carries out maritime cargo transportation to different countries of the world. The main advantage of this type of transportation is its low cost and the ability to send large volumes of goods.

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Popularity of maritime transportation

Delivery by sea is one of the most promising logistics services, which also has a low price. Container shipping is considered the most common mode of transportation between countries. It is especially in demand in the field of multimodal transportation, when delivery takes place under a single contract by several modes of transport.

Advantages and disadvantages of maritime shipping

This delivery method has its pros and cons. International maritime transportation of goods has the following advantages:
  • Low cost. The cost of shipping cargo by sea is much lower than by other transport. One ship holds from 1000 to 21000 standard size containers. All this greatly reduces the cost of delivery to Kiev, Odessa or another city in Ukraine, or abroad.
  • Efficiency. Due to the container system, the process of loading and unloading in ports is significantly accelerated.
  • Any cargo can be transported on the ship – solid, liquid, bulk, metals, fragile items, industrial equipment, cars, etc.
  • Safety. With this method of delivery, accidents happen much more rare than by cars. And the rolling on the water does not affect the load and its condition as much as bumping and stopping on the road. Therefore, maritime transportation is perfect for fragile materials. It is also possible to insure the cargo during delivery.
  • Possibility of cargo delivery of various dimensions. Maritime transportation carries both small consignments of goods in groupage and oversized cargo. For example, an oil rig or a truck cannot be transported in any other way.
  • Deadlines. To deliver cargo by sea, certain routes are used. At the same time, there are no bad roads and traffic jams in the sea. The only reason for the delay is a ship breakdown or a storm, which is extremely rare.
  • Developed infrastructure. An important advantage of maritime shipping is that it is compatible with other types of delivery. This allows you to order container multimodal transportation from Ukraine to the largest ports in the world and back.
Sea container transportation has some disadvantages:
  • Long delivery time. Transportation by sea can take several months, because a vessel with containers on board cannot move too fast. Therefore, if you are going to transport perishable goods, it is better to choose delivery by plane.

Price for maritime shipping

Tariffs for the transportation of goods by sea depend on many factors
  • route
  • dimensions and type of cargo
To find out the cost of delivery of your cargo, fill out the “Rate request” form and our managers will make a preliminary calculation.

Taking into account the specifics of your cargo

Organization of cargo delivery using specialized container equipment, which is selected depending on the type of cargo and maritime transportation requirements:
  • Standard sea container 20ft, 40ft, 40ft High Cube;
  • Refrigerated containers;
  • Containers with vertical loading (Open Top);
  • ДContainers for oversized cargo (Flat Rack).
  • Platform container
  • Tank container (Tank Tainer)
  • Consulting support of experienced professionals.

About Miridat company

Our achievements have been noted not only by numerous companies of Ukraine and other countries that are our partners, but also by the national business rating “Leader of the Year”, where we have received gold and silver awards in two categories. Logistic company Mitridat is a member of the International Federation of Freight Forwarders Associations (FIATA). We provide services such as LCL and FCL transportation, delivery of goods from the USA and much more. If you want your cargo to be delivered perfectly safe, call us at number +38 (067) 488 50 30 or email info@mitridat.odessa.ua. If you have any questions, call or come to our office at the address: Odessa, 7a Sofievskaia street.

Если вы хотите, чтобы ваш груз был доставлен в целости и сохранности, позвоните нам по телефону +38 (067) 488 50 30 или напишите на почту info@mitridat.odessa.ua. При возникновении вопросов звоните или приходите в наш офис по адресу: Одесса, улица Софиевская, 7а.

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