Motor freight transportation is an obligatory element in the chain of delivery of goods from the manufacturer to the consumer. Even when using sea, rail or air transport to the place of loading and warehouses or to the address of the consignee, the goods are transported by road.

In terms of delivery time, motor transportation loses only to air delivery. But they win in price. Plus in some areas only motor freight is available, as there are no other types of traffic.

What is transported by road and how?

There are no restrictions on goods for trucking. There are different types of cargo – general (FCL) and groupage (LCL). For the first type, the car is chartered by one customer. This method of transportation is beneficial if the quantity or volume of products fills the body by 70-100% or container motor transportation is organized.

Advantages of a general flight with Mitridat company:

  • short terms;
  • the car is delivered at the time specified by the client;
  • the transport arrives at the end point exactly on schedule;
  • all categories of products are transported – ordinary, oversized, dangerous, perishable, valuable, concrete, gasoline and other fuels and POLs;
  • monitoring of the location of the car and constant communication with the driver is available;
  • you can order forwarding services and cargo insurance.

The disadvantage of general transportation is that the price is higher than groupage cargo delivery.

Groupage cargo is formed from goods of several companies and private consignors at the warehouse of transport and logistics company. Parcels are sent when they are assembled in sufficient volume or weight to load the machine in a certain direction.

In the city of arrival, groupage cargo is delivered to the consolidation point. If a door-to-door delivery was ordered, they are delivered to the addresses of the recipients. Delivery price is divided proportionally between the senders.

The main advantage of LCL transportation is the ability to transport small consignments of goods at lower rates than by FCL.

The disadvantage of groupage is that only homogeneous goods can be transported. That is, it is impossible to load chemicals and products into one car at the same time. Also, perishables cannot be transported due to the unknown date of dispatch.

Only large trucking companies with well-organized logistics and large vehicle fleet are engaged in the transportation of groupage cargo. Otherwise, delivery times will be much more longer. These factors are especially important for the organization of cargo transportation between countries.

How is the auto trucking with Mitridat company?

We have been organizing domestic and international transportation of general and groupage cargo by road for over 12 years. The company has long-established logistics schemes, which include 6 points:

How is the auto trucking with Mitridat company?

Acceptance of the application. At the initial stage, the type of goods, direction, terms, type of delivery - “door-to-door” or self-loading and unloading, groupage or general cargo, additional loading, reverse loading are specified.
Vehicle selection. We select the type of vehicle according to the cargo - awning, body, refrigerator, trawl, trailer, semitrailer. The type of loading is also important - top, side, rear.
Route selection. We offer 2-3 projects, different in terms of time and cost. We choose the most favorable option for the client.
Loading. We deliver the car at the specified time. By agreement, we organize a team of loaders, packaging, fastening.
Cargo transportation. While the goods are in transit, the logistician attached to you monitors the location. You can find out about the process at any time.
Sending of documentation. Within three days after the completed flight, we send the consignment note, invoices, acts.

What countries do we work with?

Our cargo delivery by road covers Ukraine, Europe, Asia, including all regions of China. The price is calculated according to:

  • product categories;
  • the urgency;
  • the need for seasonal passes;
  • the number of additional services;
  • customs clearance.

We have developed regular routes to all CIS, EEC and regions of Ukraine. The transportation of dangerous goods, oversized, heavy, liquid, bulk, nuclear and military products, including across the border, has been established.

More than 3,000 regular customers order the arrangement of transportation annually. We have proved the right to be the first in the segment of auto trucking:

  • ranked the first and second places in “Leader of the Year-2017” rating;
  • received Industry Leader in 2019;
  • we are the members of the International Federation of Freight Forwarders Associations (FIATA).

Call our contact numbers listed on the website and our logistics managers will answer all questions free of charge and make a preliminary calculation of the delivery cost of your cargo.

You can visit our main office for the conclusion of long-term contracts at the address: Odessa, 7a Sofievskaia str.

Even dangerous or groupage cargoes can be delivered to the place of further loading safely, efficiently and accurately by motor freight transport.

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